Erin Brocklebank

It's about taking an idea and pushing it towards the edge and then pushing it a bit further. Knowing when and what to take just as it's about to fall - that's how you'll find the biggest, best idea of all. (rhyming unintentional)

Erin is our strategic communications lead; instrumental in campaign development and communications planning, she works closely with clients to develop campaign ideas and executes them with precision. Erin perfectly manages the place where strategy and creativity meet.

Specialising in ambient & experiential marketing, Erin is tuned-in to current global advertising trends. Because of her experience she is willing to stand behind creative risk, pushing ideas to their limit. That expertise is due in part to over 12 years in communications and public relations, but also due to her intuition about brand perception and audience response. Erin thrives in our collaborative environment where pervasive creativity rules.