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Island Farms Ice Cream - Made with Fresh Milk & Cream Logo

Did you know that only real ice cream is made with fresh milk and cream? Don't be fooled by frozen desserts masquerading as ice creams. They don't contain the same delicious ingredients found in Island Farms Ice Creams. In order to highlight this fact, Island Farms is pleased to identify all of their frozen products made that are made using real fresh milk and cream with our new "splash logo". You'll find the new packaging featuring our splash in local supermarkets today. If you want real ice cream, reach for the package with the splash!

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Reader Comments (1)

I love Island Farms ice cream. There is only 1 kind I look for when we find a new place to buy from. Lately I've been told the kind I love so much has been discontinued. That kind is Burgandy Cherry. I recently found Chapman's sells a Black Cherry ice cream but it's just not the same. So I'd like to say to Island Farms ice cream, please don't discontinue the Burgandy Cherry!

August 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBetty
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