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#makeitcount - The hero of the new Nike film

Today, we're collectively oohing and awing over Nike's new short film 'Make it Count' shot by Casey Neistat. You might remember Casey's other viral video Bike Lanes - a humorous rub against NYPD for ticketing bikers. Seems Casey was asked to make a video for Nike to highlight their new ad campaign & Twitter hashtag #makeitcount - and instead of spending the budget on slick production, he took the money and did all he could in 10 days. And, all he could do in 10 days is truly something to behold. The stripped down spot places the product - the Nike Fuelband Fitness Tracker - in the backseat while we travel with Casey and his buddy around the world. It's pretty cool to see a brand successfully make a Twitter hashtag the hero of a campaign. Did we notice the product? No. Did we need to? No. We felt an honest connection with Casey's exprience, with the meme 'Make it Count' and with the brand.

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