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Knickerbocker's Gets Social (and grows again!)


To launch Knickerbocker’s on social media just in time for the Valentine's buying season, and to help differentiate Knickerbocker’s from new local competition, the Holy Cow team recommended a social media pilot. Anchored by a custom-designed 'Jewelry Personality Style' contest on Facebook and supported by ongoing Facebook and Twitter posts, the conversation between the brand and its audience grew quickly. Customers were encouraged to 'like' the Facebook page, and to take the quiz to find out their jewelry style for the chance to win a gift certificate to Knickerbocker's. The client was pleased with the significant amount of people coming into the store requesting (and buying!) items they'd seen featured in the contest.

With 364 entries, the brand's social media profiles experienced a substantial overall increase in engagement, influence and exposure. Knickerbocker’s continued success sees them opening another store at Uptown in November 2013!

If you're curious, the most popular jewelry style was FASHIONISTA: "You feel best when you can express your personal style, whether it be playful and vibrant or modern and edgy. Not afraid to try unusual combinations of accessories, your innovative style inspires others to get creative." 


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