New little "sharks" at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre

Here's a shot of the new little "sharks" I took at the Ocean Discovery centre the other day. I did have to remove one offending fish in the foreground because it was ruining my composition - gotta love Photoshop. We used this image in their latest Times Colonist (Discover Sidney section) print ad. Come and see them for yourself! Ken.


Marketing conference in Calgary

Rosemary and I are really enjoying the marketing conference. We'll be bringing back lots of new ideas, great new books for the Holy Cow library and loads of passion for what we love to do!


Grads take over the street

Big day in Sidney giving us a prime view of all the pre-photo festivities.


Mayfair market set up

What a great idea! A wrap for the market storage.


Island Farms New Packaging for Vanilla Plus Frozen Yogurt, Sherbet and Ice Milk

Delicious. Island Farms' new packaging for Vanilla Plus Frozen Yogurt, Sherbet and Ice Milk. Transitioning from 1 L containers, the frozen treats find themselves in new larger and redesigned 1.65 L packaging! You'll find favourite familiar flavours as well as new Black Currant Raspberry added to the Sherbet lineup. Remember to look for the milk splash logo to be sure it's made with the real thing.