One time at band camp

As the North Saanich Middle School band heads to beautiful Whistler, they will be going in style. Ken designed a great 3 colour, screen printed, t-shirt for both students and teachers. Now they look as good as they sound. You can see the full gallery here.


We (heart) Tropicana!

Check out this awesome video by Tropicana! What a fun way to promote your product.


CBC's Age of Persuasion is free!

Good news! Terry O'Reilly's show is now available as a podcast for free. Although the show has been around for some time, it was only available on Saturdays and Thursdays on CBC Radio1 or for purchase on iTunes due to the copyright materials used in the show.

The Age of Persuasion explores the countless ways marketers permeate your life, from media, art, and language, to politics, religion, and fashion.

Now in its fifth season, the first episode kicks things off with a look into green marketing, which you can check out here. Enjoy!


Mayfair — New Hoarding

While we eagerly await Mayfair's newest tenant, hoarding was added about the space, painted a lovely fresh green and covered with these large format posters. Who knew empty space could be so pretty. 


Check out our bike light app at the App Store!


Here's an app we designed and created a while back that is available for purchase through Apple at the New App store. We think the world would be a safer place if everyone had one of these!!
Get yours today.

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