Mayfair Drive-in

At the first Mayfair Drive-In of this year. Going to see Top Gun. Two more movies to come over the next two Thursday nights. You can get more info at the Mayfair website. Get your free parking pass early to make sure you get a spot - space is limited.


Make a font using your own hand writing!

Thanks but I'd rather make my own!


Seeing Double

We are excited to announce the pregnancy of one of our designers, Erica.  She and her husband are happily expecting in September. They are pleased to be welcoming not only one bouncing baby girl, but two! We look forward to meeting the little bundles soon. Only time will tell if it is double the trouble or double the fun!


Holy Cow Builds a Quick Boat

Click the image below to visit the gallery of the epic construction of the Holy Cow Quick Boat masterpiece.



Holy Cow Takes a Valiant 4th Place - Build a Quick Boat

On July 1st, 2010 the Holy Cow team gathered at the foot of Beacon Ave to support the fifth consecutive Holy Cow boat entry in the Slegg Lumber Build a Quick Boat Race. Ken Coward, John Bower and Ethan Coward formed the team this year and with years of experience under their belts the team crafted a svelte canoe design with only $100 worth of material from Slegg Lumber. Their efforts were rewarded when they pulled ahead of the masses of floundering and sinking ships to finish in 4th place out of 18 entries. Congratulations!

Check out the video below for all the thrills and spills!