Ken Coward MGDC

It’s all about discovery: to do some good, to show something in a new light, to give something emotion and a heart, to create something that makes people want to say… ‘Holy Cow!’.

 Ken has been a graphic designer, art director, studio manager, creative director, lone wolf and agency owner. With over 30 years of experience in both boutique design shops and large national agencies, he will be happy to tell you that it's not the size of the location but the ideas that the environment nurtures that lead to success.

An innovative problem-solver and creative thinker, Ken is constantly looking for new and interesting ways to show our clients in the best light. He is responsible for making all the pieces fit together: clever headlines and pretty pictures are a given at Holy Cow, Ken likes to explore what comes after the expected.

His award-winning work speaks for itself, but obvious throughout is a love of wordplay and headlines that have more than one meaning. We wouldn’t be Holy Cow without Ken’s sense of humour and love of storytelling; you’ll see it not only in the work, but also in the atmosphere of the office.