Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation

2020-21 Annual Fundraising Campaign

As the Agency of Record, we’ve proudly served the graphic design, marketing and communication needs of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation (SPHHF) since 2003. We began our relationship by producing newsletters, display ads and stationery projects and quickly progressed to providing the print and digital creative for their award-winning fundraising campaigns. 

The 2020 fundraising campaign was unlike any we had designed before. With the COVID-19 pandemic surging around the world, and hospitals under unprecedented strain, the SPHHF needed to quickly raise funds to support immediate necessary changes at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. 


This emotive tagline anchors the 2020-21 annual fundraising campaign, with the call to action: “Your donation now will help us prepare for what comes next”. 

The fast-moving nature of the information coming from the World Health Organisation and federal and provincial health officers made it difficult to anticipate what might happen next. We decided to choose campaign creative that clearly illustrated the heightened safety requirements for healthcare workers, and a tagline that would demonstrate that the Saanich Peninsula Hospital wanted to be ready for anything that might be coming.

Campaign material included: a direct mail piece to existing donors, and separate mail out to prospective donors, an unaddressed returnalope envelope, and a printed newspaper insert. Holy Cow provided copy and copy editing ensuring consistent tone and message throughout, as well as custom graphics to illustrate key information and statistics. We also produced a campaign video, interviewing doctors, Foundation staff and community members. The launch of the video to the media, and on the Foundation’s website and social media channels created a lot of buzz about the campaign, with coverage on radio and TV that really got the conversation about Primary Care started.

  • For 13 years the team at Holy Cow has been integral to the Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation's fundraising success. For each annual campaign Holy Cow expertly executes savvy creative to make our vision a reality. Their exceptional understanding of media relations, digital strategy and website development has helped us solidify meaningful and effective connections with our community. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with our friends at Holy Cow!
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