Island Farms - Agropur

As the Agency of Record for Island Farms – Agropur for just over 15 years, Holy Cow was responsible for all Island Farms and sub-brand visual identity, from conceptualization to development — including the graphic design of all packaging, ads, brochures, presentations, television and cinema campaigns, billboard and transit shelter campaigns, custom photography, signage, point-of-sales materials, coupons, arena and rink signage & truck signage.

Holy Cow also played an instrumental role in the rebrand of Island Farms with the successful introduction, application and maintenance of a complete brand overhaul. Our brand management kept Island Farms ahead of market changes like cultural shifts in the food industry, while addressing emerging consumer needs — helping Island Farms maintain top dairy brand in the region for 15 years. The design work we do represents the face of Island Farms, including new media and digital technologies. In 2016, our work expanded to include branding and design for other Canadian regional brands within the Agropur family – Natrel, Farmers Dairy, Central Dairies and Northumberland Dairy.

Holy Cow helped develop, execute and manage Island Farms’ annual regional integrated campaigns. After reviewing the client’s business objectives and creating the campaign strategy, we designed the campaign across various platforms, including: video commercials, print coupons, transit advertising (imagine how much fun we had skinning the Vancouver Skytrain!), digital advertising, in-person experiential activations (a motorhome across BC!) and social media. Once the campaign launched, our job had just started. Holy Cow was also the community manager for the Island Farms social media accounts, paying special attention to the brand’s Facebook page which often mirrored the campaign activities happening across BC. Our job was to manage the 2-way flow of information (from the brand out & consumer in) by creating annual digital content strategies. Full metrics and impact reporting focused on reach, engagement, and sentiment was also provided by our team.

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