The Surly Mermaid

The Surly Mermaid is one of our favourite local restaurants. Who doesn’t love the food, the inviting atmosphere, or the people there? The waterfront Sidney location means that their patio is always in demand, and we could sit and look at the boats at Port Sidney Marina all day! We were thrilled when the restaurant’s owner, Sarah Matchett, approached us to revitalize the restaurant’s website, which was useful in its day, but was in need of a design refresh. 

In some ways, the restaurant’s logo dictated the design. Beautiful and quite intricate, it loses legibility when sized too small, but has an impressive impact when sized appropriately. So we chose to go big – big, bold graphics; big chunky fonts; and big photos. The logo is splashed across the home screen; the menu is spread over several pages. Full sized images slowly rotate in the background, conveying the establishment’s cosy feel. 

We loved working with Sarah on her new site – and can’t wait for the next visit to her restaurant!

Visit The Surly Mermaid.

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